Coles Community

Where is the Coles District?  Coles 101

Because few people are aware of the boundaries of the Coles District, traditionally we have not had a unique sense of identity.  We often call this area mid-county, but I am proud to say that in the years since I first took office, I have observed a coalescing of community in Coles.  We now feel a sense of place that is beyond defining ourselves as simply “between the western end and the eastern end” of the county.

The Coles District encompasses a wide range of housing types, from apartments to large-lot single family homes.

The boundary of the district now stretches from Lake Jackson to parts of Dale City and around the Cities of Manassas and Manassas Park.  It includes neighborhoods that surround large sections of the Prince William Parkway, Dumfries Road, Aden Road and Hoadly Road, and includes public facilities such as George Hellwig Memorial Park, the Independent Hill Neighborhood Library, Sanitary Landfill and Animal Shelter.

Coles District Map


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